5. Edelstahl - Kolloquium
Verarbeitung von Edelstahl - Halbzeug - Werkzeug - Prozess

19.-20. Februar 2015
Rauenberg | Deutschland

Edelstahl nimmt eine Sonderrolle ein, welche sich nicht nur in den Anwendungsfeldern der Endprodukte, sondern auch in jedem Schritt ihrer Verarbeitung widerspiegelt. In praxisnahen Vorträgen namhafter Unternehmen wird die vollständige Prozesskette bei der Verarbeitung nichtrostender Edelstähle beleuchtet.
Das Kolloquium ist als „Lunch to Lunch“-Meeting konzipiert und am Abend des ersten Veranstaltungstages laden wir Sie herzlich zu einem gemütlichen Get-Together ein.
So möchten wir den Besuchern unserer Veranstaltung neben der reinen Wissensvermittlung eine Plattform für einen intensiven Erfahrungsaustausch bieten. Knüpfen Sie neue Kontakte und nutzen Sie die Zeiten zwischen den Vorträgen zur Diskussion mit Teilnehmern und Referenten.


Email: seminars@toolsandforming.com
Web: www.toolsandforming.com


IT-C - Laser Applications in Press Hardening Technology with our partner TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik

The laser has become an established tool in the process chain of hot sheet metal forming, so called hot stamping.
While 3D laser cutting of already formed parts, is the most wide spread and known application, there are a variety of other laser applications which either enable processes or help to be more efficient compared to other technologies.
Focusing on the laser application of cutting in 3D, the laser has not only helped to strengthen the position of the laser as a tool, but also it revolutionized its effectiveness in the production chain of hot stamped parts. During the last decade, there has been a constant growth of this technology and has risen to a global mega trend with high volume of parts and constantly changing trends.
This development certainly have accelerated the continuous technical improvements of the laser cutting machines and the changeover to new laser sources with better performance and characteristics according to these materials, to meet the special requirements and needs for the users in this application.
This makes the laser to the state of the art technology in this application with substantial advantages over others.
This intensive laser training, focusing on the laser process, offers in particular a comprehensive base knowledge about laser cutting and important side aspects like positioning and programming of parts and laser safety.


This open training in Laser Application, with our partner TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik, is aimed at giving a detailed view about the laser as a tool in general, enlarge upon 3D laser cutting in hot forming steel including important topics like characteristics of different laser sources, laser safety, programming of cutting programs, part positioning, loading concepts, etc.
The overall performance and the practical components of the seminar are designed most helpful for efficient studying. You will have the opportunity to experiment laser cutting with different parameters and acquire a deep insight of this efficient and fascinating technology.


Ditzingen, Germany                           20.01. - 21.01.2015

Plymouth Township, MI, USA            04.02. - 05.02.2015


IT-B - Virtual Process Design for Hot Stamping of Ultra-High-Strength Steel

During the past years, demand for hot sheet metal technology in car body design has increased dramatically due to increasing requirements in passenger safety and weight reduction of car body structures. Hand in hand with the increasing use of hot-stamped parts in car body designs goes an increasing number of companies entering the market and getting involved with this technology. This has created a demand for staff qualification
programs to shorten the ramp-up times and to become a competitive player in an expanding market.
Simulation software can assist this process in various ways. First and foremost, simulation of the process is mandatory to shorten time-to-market and to avoid unexpected and costly changes late in the engineering cycle. In addition, simulation software is an excellent means to make the complex interactions between material behavior and process design transparent. This allows simulation software users to quickly and easily assess the process sensitivity with respect to process parameters and – in this way – to gain a much deeper understanding of the actual manufacturing process as it relates to the quality of the manufactured product.
This training module is focusing on gaining a faster and deeper understanding of hot stamping processes by using AutoForm’s software simulation and visualization capabilities. The goal of this training module is to become productive faster and to take control of the process in order to produce hot stamped parts of the desired quality and mechanical behavior faster and with less cost.


In the two days course participants will, though practical application of the principles of Thermo-mechanical metal forming, gain a deep understanding of the Hot Stamping manufacturing process within the context of metal forming simulation. Participants will be challenged to personally set- up and run a variety of Hot Stamping simulations in pursuit of applying knowledge of the engineering and design requirements of production Hot Stamping product applications. The majority of course time will be spent operating the commercial Finite Element Analysis code AutoForm-ProcessExplorerplus and AutoForm-Thermosolverplus to simulate common advanced product feasibility, stamping process engineering and process design issues that arise in the hot stamping sheet metal product process chain. Upon completion of Module B participants possess practical skills in the creation and interpretation of Hot Stamping simulations.


Troy, MI, USA                                     14.05. - 15.05.2015

Dortmund, Germany                         12.05. - 13.05.2015




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