Hot Sheet Metal Forming Technology

During the last decade, hot sheet metal forming technology, better known as press hardening or hot stamping, has certainly become all the more crucial in automotive body-in-white design, driven by a strong demand for further improvement of energy efficiency and passenger safety. Today, hot stamping is undoubtedly a sustainable global technology. The expected surge in growth of this technology in part production, material supply, production equipment etc.,

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Certified Training Program

This series of trainings, each focusing on a particular aspect of technology, offers comprehensive access to valuable knowledge on hot sheet metal forming.



Training Provider

The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE GROUP is one of the internationally most renowned institutions in postgraduate training. The qualification on “Press Hardening” is internationally accredited and focused on the needs of each individual company. The specified seminars are aimed at combining practical experience, fundamentals and innovative technologies on the shop floor level.




We are pleased to announce, that GENERAL MOTORS and GRUNDIG AKADEMIE´s common...

General Motors has booked several trainings for their engineering experts...

Key Players in Press Hardening Technology are aware...

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